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Side Dish for chapati, roti and Indian bread varieties - Veg Side Dish for chapati - Simple Side Dish

I have listed out Some Simple and Delicious Side Dishes and korma(kurma) varieties.These Side Dishes Goes very well with Chapati, Roti, pulov Varieties.Most of the side Dishes listed here also  goes very well with Indian breads like paratha,Naan,kulcha,parotta,batura and poori varieties.These recipes are prepared with available ingredients in home and hence affordable.
Gravies for Chapathi

Paneer butter Masala   (With step by step pictures)  

Paneer Peas Masala

Chole Masala 

Bombay Chutney  (Quick & Very Simple)

Potato Korma (Authentic)

Guacomole Recipe - Butter Fruit dip (No cook Recipe)

Capsicum Masala(Easy  & healthy)

Aloo Gobi Curry  (NEW!!!!) Simple & healthy 

Tomato gravy - simple

Gobi Mutter  Curry  (With Farm Pictures)

Tofu Masala  


Tiffin Kuzhambu - [With potatoes]

Mango Dal - Andra Style 


Instant-onion-tomato-thokku - Simple

Andra PappuSimple

Tomato Thokku (Easy All purpose Thokku)

Multidal gravy 

broccoli-gravy (simple)    

Soya chunks gravy  

Tomato Ginger Thokku  (All purpose Thokku)  
Cauliflower broccoli gravy

Vada-kari-vada-curry (Stepwise Pictures)
Palak Paneer  (stepwise Pictures)

Aloo Peas Masala

Punjabi Rajma Masala 

Aloo Capsicum curry     - Simple

Aloo mirchi ki subzi  - simple

Potato Brinjal gravy  - Simple 

                                        Korma varieties - kurma Varieties

Korma varieties
Cauliflower korma 

Mushroom korma  

Soya chunks Korma  (With step wise pictures)

chick peas korma - kadalai korma 

Paneer Korma 

Vegetable korma - mixed vegetable kurma

Mochai korma - anumulu korma

Spicy pattani korma 

                                                               Dried Versions

you can try  some dried version side dishes and healthy curries  for chapathi. It goes very well with rice , chapati and roti.

Kadai paneer


Horse-gram-side dish 


Long beans masala curry

Ladies finger Curry   

Chutney Varieties

These simple and healthy  chutneys  may also goes well with chapati,roti,dosa and idli.if you are busy you can try this too.

Tomato peanut chutney

Garlic chutney 

Cucumber Chutney

Beetroot chutney

Tindora chutney/Donkaya chutey  

Carrot kara chutney

Ginger Chutney 
Tomato pickle 

Brinjal Tomato gravy  (simple)

This page will be updated whenever new side dish is posted.

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Side Dish for chapati, roti and Indian bread varieties - Veg Side Dish for chapati - Simple Side Dish By , apr 15, 2013 Side dish for chapathi


Maha Gadde said...

Wow..nice recipes u have n arranged very well in order..easy to pick up n try...good post...

Lalitha Ramakrishnan said...

Lovely receipes. I tried tindora curry it came out well.

Lalitha Ramakrishnan said...

Lovely receipes. I tried tindora fry it came out well.

Raji M said...

Super akka

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