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Easy Side dishes for chapathi, Roti || Chapathi Roti Side Dish || Kurma || Paneer & Exotic Gravies


 A Collection of  Easy & simple South & North Indian Gravies,dal,kurma,Thokku and chutneys.I have compiled & listed both South Indian & North Indian Side Dishes.These Side Dishes is a good accompaniment for Chapati's, Roti's & Mild Pulao's.Most of the side dishes listed here also  goes very well with Indian breads like Paratha,Naan,kulcha,Parotta,batura and poori's.These recipes are prepared with available ingredients in home and hence affordable.



Bombay chutney hotel
Bombay ChutneyHotel style Chutney
onion tomato thokkuonion tomato thokku
Onion Tomato ThokkuPepper Paneer
capsicum tomato gravy
Capsicum ChutneyCarrot dal
Moongdal TadkaTawa Paneer
Potato stew
Green Moongdal(Dhaba style)Potato Stew(Kerala Style)
Poori MasalaGuacamole
                     Poori Masala                        Green Peas Dry
                                                       PANEER GRAVIES 
Paneer butterMatar Paneer
Paneer Butter MasalaPaneer Peas Masala
Paneer tikkakadai Paneer
Paneer Tikka MasalaKadai Paneer
Paneer koftakorma
Paneer kofta CurryPaneer Korma
Tawa PaneerTawa Paneer
Easy Tawa PaneerShahi Paneer
Palak Paneer
Paneer BhurjiPalak Paneer
Jalfrezi Palak Paneer
                Paneer Jalfrezi                               Methi Paneer

vegetable kormaSoya chunks
Mixed Vegetable kormaSoya chunks Korma
Cauliflower KormaMushroom Korma
Pattani KormaTomato Korma

                                                               EXOTIC GRAVIES 
Green Peas Masala Tiffin
Green Peas MasalaAloo Gravy
Chole MasalaSoya Chunks Gravy
Chana MasalaSoya Chunks Gravy
Tofubaby corn Gravy
Tofu GravyBaby Corn Peas Masala
Punjabi Rajma MasalaPeanut Gravy
Punjabi Rajma MasalaPeanut Gravy
Vegetable SalnaDal Makhani
Vegetable ChalnaDal Makhani
Brocooli Gravy
Avarekalu Saagu
Broccoli GravyAvarekalu Kurma
Cauliflower Broccoli Gravy
Cauliflower Broccoli GravyVadacurry

                                                                         EASY DAL'S

Dal fry Methi dal Recipe
Dal fryMethi dal Recipe
cabbage dalPanchmel Dal Recipe(Rajasthani Dal Recipe)

Tomato dal(Andhra style)
                                    SEASONAL LEGUMES GRAVIES (WINTER SPECIAL)  

Dal fry Methi dal Recipe
Avarekalu(Mochai korma)Double beans korma
potato pigeon pea curryHitikida Avarekalu Gravy

pigeon Pea Gravy

                                               CURRIES -  DRY VERSION

Aloo Gobi
Aloo Methi CurryCauiflower Peas curry
Gutti Vankya Koorababy Potato fry
Gutti VankayaBaby Potato fry
Aloo GobiTindora
Aloo Gobi fryTindora curry
Beans Milk Curry
banana Pepper fry
Beans Milk curryPotato banana Peppers Stir fry
Soya Chunks fryAloo Capsicum Curry
Soya Chunks fryPotato Capsicum Curry
Capsicum Masala carrot
Capsicum MasalaCarrot Beans Curry
Baby corn Masala
Brinjal kathirikai Curry
baby corn masalaAlasandalu Vankaya Curry
Aloo stir fryCarrot Capsicum fry
Spicy Onion Potato stir fryCapsicum Carrot fry
Thotakura frySnake Gourd curry
Greens Stir frySnake Gourd Curry
Dondakaya Allam Mirchi Curry
cabbage peas curry
Dondakaya Allam Mirchi Currycabbage Peas curry
potato avarekalu Palya
Potato Avarekalu Palya
Chanadal ChutneyBeetroot chutney
Dal ChutneyBeetroot Chutney

Coconut Chutneytomato thokku
Coconut ChutneyOnion Tomato Thokku
Garlic ChutneyDondakaya Chutney
Garlic ChutneyTindora Chutney


Mixed tomato gravy
Mixed Vegetable RaitaPotato Raita
onion tomato thokku
Carrot Cucumber Raita

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Side Dish for chapati, roti and Indian bread varieties - Veg Side Dish for chapati - Simple Side Dish By , apr 15, 2013  Side dish for chapathi


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Wow..nice recipes u have n arranged very well in order..easy to pick up n try...good post...

Unknown said...

Lovely receipes. I tried tindora curry it came out well.

Unknown said...

Lovely receipes. I tried tindora fry it came out well.

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Super akka

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Wow, nice recipe you have shared with us. All the steps are very well in order. Easy to pick up and try. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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Loved the soyachunks gravy😃

Ima said...

Loved the soyachunks gravy😃