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Sunday, May 5, 2024

3 days trip to temples around Chidambaram & Mayiladudurai

                                                       Chidambaram & its surrounding  temples 

 26 Dec 2022

 we had a 3 days plan to visit temples in chidambaram, in & around sirgazhi & Mayiladudurai.

              We started @ 5.45 a.m from chennai by car. We reached  chidambaram around 9.30 a.m. We had breakfast in krishna vilas. The food was homely & tasty. Then we visited the chidambaram temple.


Chidambaram Natarajan Temple


Temple :Chidambaram Natarajan temple.

Place: Temple is located in heart of the city.

Deity : Natarajan & Sivakami Amman.

About : Temple is located in heart of the city.it is one of the padal petra stalam. There was a seperate sannidhi for Siva & Amman.

            After darsan, we travelled to Sirgazhi. We checked in Grand white palace. Around 4 P.M. We started to visit  Navagraha temples. 

Temple: Kethu Stalam

Place: Keelaperumpallam. (21 km from sirgazhi.)

Deity : Naganathaswamy.

About : It is a Navagraha temple for ketu(Shadow Planet).

Temple: Budhan Stalam

Place: Thiruvenkadu (14.2 km from Sirgazhi)

Deity : Swetharanyeswarar & Vidya 

About : It is a Navagraha temple for budhan(Mercury Planet). This God is meant for Education. This temple has 3 Ponds. Agnitheertham,Suryatheertham & Chandra Theertham.

  We had a dinner in Vasantha Bhavan  at Seergazhi. Then we proceeded to Sirgazhi temple.

Temple : Sattainathar temple.

Place: Sirgazhi town.(20 km away from chidambaram.)

Deity : Sattainathar(Shiva),Bhramapureeswarar, Thoniappar Periyanayagi(Parvathi). 

About:  Temple with 3 different shiva shrines. Bhramapureeswarar temple is housed in lower shrine. Second level uma maheswarar(Thonaiappar) with periyanayaki on Thoni as colossal image. Bhairavar as sattainathar at upper level.It is one of the padal petra stalam.


Morning around 6.30 we proceeded to vaideeswaran koil.

Temple : Vaideeswaran koil.

Place: Vaideeswaran koil (6.6 km away from Sirgazhli).

Deity : Shiva is Worshipped as Vaitheeswaran.

About:  Vaitheeswaran meaning the "God of healing" and it is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases. is one of the navagraha temple  associated with the Planet Mars (Angaraka, Chevvai) and thus popular as Angarakan Navagrahasthalam.Vaitheeswaran Koil is considered to be the cradle of Nadi Astrology or Palm Leaf Astrology.

Next we visited 

Temple :Sivaloganathar temple.

Place: The temple is situated in the village of Tirupunkur or Thirupunkur which lies about 3 miles west of Vaitheeswaran Koil.

Deity: Shiva.

About :  The temple is associated with the legend of the Saivite saint Nandanar who was one of the 63 Nayanmars. While being a Dalit, Nandanar was not allowed inside the temple, the idol of Nandi within the temple precincts moved a few inches at the command of Shiva so as not to obstruct Nandanar's view from the gate of the shrine.

Then we went to Grand white palace, we had Complementary breakfast, we checked out the lodge & proceeded to Thirukadaiyur.


Temple : Amritaghateshwar Temple

Place:  Sri Abirami Amman Sametha Sri Amirthakadeswarar Temple is located at THIRUKADAVOOR (thirukadaiyur), Tanjore District 18 Kms away from Mayiladuthurai. 

Deity: Siva & Abirami.

About : Thirukadaiyur is the place where Lord Shiva has bestowed immortality to Sri Maarkandaya and best owed with Ever Sixteen Age (16).

people perform Shastiapthapoorthi at the begininning of 61st Age of their Star Birthday, Bheemaradha Shanthi at the beginning of 70th Age of their Star Birthday and Sadabishegam at the beginning of 80th Age of their Star Birthday. 

Temple : Thiruvidaikazhli  Murugan Temple

Place : it is located South of  Thirukadaiyur & 21 kms  East of  Mayiladudurai.

Deity : Murugan & Siva.

About : The Special feature about this temple is both siva & Muruga will be in same Garbagraha.It is believed to the place where devayani was betrothed to Murugan.

Temple : Ananthamangalam Shree Veerapathira Dhasapuja Anchaneyar Temple

Place: Thirukadaiyur

Deity : Anjaneyar.

About : Anjaneyar has 3 eyes & 10 hands, which holds 10 weapons given by God namely Vishnu,Ramar,Siva,Krishna & brahma to  kill 2 Asuras. After the asuras was killed by Anjaneyar, Victory was Celebrated in this place.

Next we Visited Danish fort 

Danish fort 

Danish fort in Tarangambadi (Tranquebar) is the second largest Danish fort in the World. It is located in Sea Shore of Bay of Bengal. Small  Danish museum is also available in this building.The fort is constructed in Danish architecture style.

Next we had lunch at sadabisegam hotel in Thirukadaiyur, then we moved to lodge, took some rest & moved to Thirumeeyachur.

Temple : Thirumeyachur Lalithambigai Temple.

Place: Thirumeyachur in Thiruvarur district. 18 kms from mayiladudurai.

Deity : Meganadar (Shiva) & lalithambigai.

About : it is 1000 year old temple. In this shrine lalitha sahasranamam was first created & chanted by sage Agasthya.The Grace of Amman overflows here.Rathasapthami was a Greatest festival celebrated here.

Temple : kuttanur

Place : This temple is located at thiruvarur district. Distance between koothanur & Mayiladudurai is 21 kms.

Deity : Saraswathy.

About : This is the only Hindu temple in TamilNadu with Saraswati as main deity. Vijayadasami festival is important festival celebrated in this temple.


Next day morning we visited Thirumanancheri

Temple : Thirumanancheri

Place : It is a Village located near Cauvery river in mayiladudurai district.

Deity : udhvaganathar & Gokila Amman.

About : This temple is associated with the marriage of Lord shiva to Goddess Parvati. Hence devotees seeking early marriage often comes to thirumanancheri.it is believed that obstacles in marriage is removed.

Temple : Suryanar temple 

place: A village located near South Indian town of kumbakonam thanjavur in tamilnadu.

Deity: Suryanar or Sun God.

About: Main God is Sun. It is the only God in tamilnadu which has shrines for 8 planetary deities.The temple has five -tiered rajagopuram,gateway tower,and a granite wall enclosing all shrines of the temple.

                                                      Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

we had breakfast at adudurai  Seetha Ramavilas.Excellent Breakfast.Try their podi idli, podi dosa & Rava Dosa.

Next we started to Mangrove forest in pichavaram - chidambaram. it was 2 hours drive from adudurai.Pichavaram Mangrove forest is actually a scenic Ride with lush green forest,mesmerising trees,large canopies,water animals and much more.

  we waited for a long time, & luckily we got a boat ride at sun set. it was really amazing to have a boat ride inside the deep mangrove forest.


                                         With this boat Ride, our trip got over and we returned back to chennai.