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Monday, April 22, 2013

Soft Idiyappam - Idiyappam Varieties - Sevai - Nool Puttu

Idiyappam is a Popular Recipe made with Rice flour.Idiyappam is  served as a Main Course in South  Indian foods. It is a low calorie diet. Idiyappam is also called Nool Puttu,Sevai,Shavige, Semige, string hoppers or Rice Noodles.


Preparation Time:10 minutes.
Cook Time : 15  minutes                
Recipe Category:Breakfast  Recipes
Recipe Cuisine:Indian
yield : 20 idiyappam


Rice flour/idiyappam flour  - 1 cup.
salt - needed.
water - 1 + 1/4 cup.
oil - 1 tsp.

  • Add Water in a pan.Then add salt &  oil.
  • When it becomes rolling boil, switch off  the stove.
  • Add  Rice flour in one hand, keep on stirring water in other.mix well.Make sure it does not have lumps in it.
  • When it cools down again knead it well.Now dough is ready.

  • Take idiyappam Maker,fill 3/4 of maker, with dough, then squeeze it over Greased idli plates and steam cook it   8 to 10 minutes.Make sure that, idli plates should be placed in a steamer, when water in it comes to rolling boil.

  • Within few minutes, you get , soft and smooth idiyappam.

Instant Idiyappam 

  • Get the rice noodles from market.
  • Take a big pan/kadai, add more  water, and  allow the water to boil.
  •  when the water starts boiling, add rice noodles to it. cook it, till it becomes soft.
  • Then drain it, in the colander. Instant idiyappam is ready.

Side Dishes 

 Now basic idiyappam can be served with any of these dishes such as Kadalai curry,coconut chutney,coconut Milk,sodhi and vegetable korma .

Idiyappam Types


Click on the link to get Sevai Types