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Friday, October 21, 2016


Badusha is a Popular South Indian  Sweet Recipe made with  All Purpose flour & butter dipped in Sugar Syrup. My mother is a big fan of this Recipe.In Coimbatore Nellai Lala sweets is famous for this sweet.  On Mothers day & her birthdays we present this sweet to her. Now i learnt the recipe, so  on this  year diwali, I am going to make this Sweet Recipe for her. This is also my 400th post. It happened to be a sweet Recipe. Now we will learn the recipe with step wise pictures.


All Purpose flour - 2 cups.
butter - 1/2 cup.(Room Temperature)
sugar - 2 tsp.
Baking Soda - 1/4 tsp.

For Sugar Syrup.

Sugar - 1/2 cup.
Water - 3/4 cup.
Cardomom Powder - a Generous Pinch.
Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp.


Powder 2 tsp of  sugar before making the dough.


  • Take a wide vessel add butter(as such), Powdered sugar & baking soda. Mix well with index finger. Now add maida & mix well, to form a bread crumps form. Then add water little by little to form a soft dough without any cracks.kneading the dough is very important. if dough is hard, badusha will be hard. so make a soft pliable dough.

  • Allow it to rest for 20 minutes.
  • Mean while prepare the sugar syrup. Take sugar & water in a vessel & allow it to cook, till the sugar melts & the syrup gets the form of honey consistency. finally add Cardomom powder & lemon juice & switch off the flame.
  • Now take small lemon sized dough,shape like donuts, by  making the ball & press it  with your palms to make dent at centre.Now shape 4 to 5 badhusa's & keep it ready.
  • Heat the oil, when oil is hot, keep the flame to medium & slowly drop the badusha's into hot oil.Fry till it turns Golden brown on both the sides.

  •  Then drain the badusha's from hot oil, & immediately drop it in Sugar Syrup. Let it stay in Sugar syrup, till next batch is Ready.

  • Not necessary to melt the butter, bring it to room temperature & add it as such.
  • Adding lemon juice is to prevent crystallization of sugar syrup.
  • Make the dough without any crack, is an important step while making badusha's.
  •  Adding Dalda or Vanaspathi gives Good texture to badusha's.
  • Always cook the badhusa's in medium low heat, else it won't get cooked inside.
  • After making badusha's, immediately drop the badusha's in Sugar Syrup, else  it won't absorb sugar syrup.  
  • you can decorate the dent with chopped cashews or Almonds.
  • Adding saffron to sugar syrup gives nice flavour to Sugar syrup.


Herbs Spices and Tradition said...

H Gayathri,
Happy Diwali to you, great that you are posting 400th post. Baduasha s tempting.