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Monday, August 26, 2013

Polala Amavasya Recipes & Story - Polala Amavasya Vratham Recipes

Amavasya of Shravana Month is known as Polala Amavasya. The name Polala is derived from the  Goddess Poleramma. Poleramma is a local deity, and is considered to be one of the incarnations of Goddess Durga.It is observed on Shravana Amavasya,No moon day in shravana Masam in Andra pradesh.This pooja is observed in Andra pradesh,In some Parts of Karnataka,orrisa and Tamil Nadu.

 Mothers observe polala Amavasa Vratha for better health and Welfare of their Children.Goddess Poleramma or Pochamma is known as Protector of children.Godess Shakthi Mantra and Astrotram are chanted during Pooja."Raksha Thoram" or "Rakstha Daaram"(Sacred Thread) is also Worshipped during the Pooja.Women and Children tie Raksha Daaram in their hands to seek her blessings.

Goddess Poleramma is quite similar to the Goddess Shitala worshipped in North India. The other  popular belief is that the Goddess protects children from various diseases, especially chicken pox.Monsoon rains are at its peak during the Shravan (July – August) month. Diseases spread quickly and those most vulnerable are children. The prayers are meant to keep children healthy.Let us Pray Poleramma for Welfare of our children.

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Polala Amavasya Recipes

Manthram we Read :Gowri  ashtothram.
                        Story: Polala Amavasya Katha


Please click on it, to get Polala Amavasya Story in Telugu.

I have  also added, photo of story page from my book. if you want to Read it, plz make a use of it. letters are so small in the page, i used photoshop  for brightness . I hope you can Read  it Easily from mobile.

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Unknown said...

This is really awesome.can you please let me know what book is that

Vysyas recipes said...

This book we got from pollachi, named Arya Vysya Vratha kadhakalpam.I have added Polala Amavasya Story video in Telugu with it, if you need make a use of it.

usg56 said...

Lovely recipes, my mom used to make all these, thanks for the same

Sujatha said...

I need varalakshmi nomulu katha with procedure and vinayagar chatitrthi katha and procedure. Thank you

Dheepikaa said...

Same way can you please add nagachathurthi and garadapainjami story. Also

Unknown said...

I want to know whether vayanam is there for Chinna Gowri pooja.if it is there please tell me what we should keep.