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kuzhi Paniyaram Varieties - Gunta Ponganalu Recipes - Paddu Varieties

Paniyaram is a Popular south Indian Break fast delicacy. Paniyaram is made with steamed Batter. it is called kuzhi Paniyaram in Tamil Nadu. Gunta Ponganalu in Andhra.Paddu,Appe or Guliappa in Karanataka. usually i like the flavour and Aroma of Paniyaram when making it. From street vendors to bigger Restaurants, sell this as a snack or Breakfast Recipe. I have compiled and listed Paniyaram varieties from my blog which are healthy,tasty and distinct. I hope everybody will enjoy these recipes.

Bajra Paniyaram
Chola Paniyaram
Paniyaram with cooked Rice
Millets Paniyaram with 
cooked Rice
Oats Paniyaram
Poha Paniyaram

              Sweet Paniyaram

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