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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poornam kudumulu - Kozhukkatai with Channa Dal - Vinayaka Chavithi Recipes

Poornam kudumulu is an authentic kudumulu Recipe, made with delicious Chanadal Stuffing Inside.It is made during Vinayaka chavithi & Varalakshmi Vratham at Andhra & Karnataka. Now we will learn to make Poornam kudumulu.

Poornam Kudumulu

 Prep Time : 25  min. 
Cook Time : 40   minutes.
Recipe Category: Festive  Recipe
Recipe  cuisine:South Indian
Yield  :   20  .


For Poornam

Chanadal - 1/2 cup.
Jaggery - 1/2 cup.
coconut - 1/4 cup.
Cardomom Powder - 1/4 tsp.

For outer Dough

Idiyappam flour/Rice flour  - 1 cup.
water - 1 cup.
salt - As needed.
oil - 1 tsp.

Method for Poornam Preparation

Pressure cook the Chanadal  with needed water for 5 whistles, then drain the water completely. Then Grind Chanadal, Coconut & cardomom into a  paste. finally add Jaggery & Grind again to a fine paste.(drizzle few drops of water, while Grinding).

Heat the kadai, add 1 tbsp of Ghee add the Ground Chanadal Paste & saute for few minutes till it becomes a whole mass & it leaves the sides of kadai. Now Poornam is Ready.

Method for Outer Dough Preparation.

  • Take Heavy bottomed vessel, add 1 cup of water, when it starts boiling,keep the stove in sim mode, add 1 tsp of oil,salt & Rice flour.
  • Then cover the lid. Insert  a long spoon or ladle,between lid & kadai as shown in the picture.Let it be in sim mode for 8   minutes.

  • After 8 minutes switch off the stove &  transfer it into a  plate and knead well, to make a dough.Just sprinkle few drops of  hot water to make soft  dough.Finally add 1 tsp of  oil  and knead well.Now basic kozhukkatai dough is ready(Make sure that dough should not have even small lumps in it).Now outer cover dough is ready.

Shaping & Steaming the kudumulu 
  • Take the dough,apply some oil over hand,then  divide it into equal portions  and make it into small smooth lemon sized  balls.(make sure that balls should not have crack in it).
  • Make small cups as shown in the picture.
  • Then fill with chanadal  stuffing.
  • Bring the Edges together,seal properly & Shape as Round balls.

  • Else bring the edges together and seal properly, then fold the edges as shown in the picture. Do it Gently.Now kozhukkatai  shaping  is ready.Repeat the same for remaining dough.

  • Then grease some oil, over idli plate and place kozhukkatai(kudumulu) over it. 
  • Steam cook it for 10 - 12  minutes. Now kozhukkatai  is ready.Allow it, to cool for 10 -12 minutes.Then serve.

  • I always prefer idiyappam flour to make the kozhukkatai for best results.
  • Inserting the long spoon between lid & kadai, makes the dough to cook evenly.
  • It is important to note that while kneading, just sprinkle hot water  on  the dough.if you add more water to the dough, you won't get kozhukkatai(kudumulu) shape .
  • Cooking  the dough in sim mode for few minutes, makes the dough softer & smoother.
  • kneading, is the important step, knead well to make smooth dough.
  • I used half cup of jaggery for Poornam, if you want more sweetness add 3/4 cup of jaggery.


jeenaskitchenrecipes said...

Awesome, kozhukattai looks classic and perfect for the occasion of Ganesh Chaturti...

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Delicious & lovely kozhukattai............

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Wonderful Kozhukattai!! Beautiful presentation

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Awesome kudumulu..loved it :)