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Monday, July 23, 2012

Modern Cooking - Revolution in Cooking

Fannie Farmer (in Boston) creates revolution in  the field of cooking.She changed house work into "home Science" and "home economics".She invented standardized scientific Measurement using cups,tablespoon and teaspoons in the year 1879.Before that, no measurements available for cooking.Earlier Days People measured flour in fists,sticky ingredients like(butter) were measured in lumps.Many recipes listed the quantity of ingredients as "Some" "a bit" "pinch" or a "little". 

        Fun Fact: The publisher little, Brown thought Fanny's Cookbook would lose money and so required her to pay for the first printing with her own money.By the year 2000,over 6.8 million copies had been sold in 10 languages,making it the most purchased cookbook in the world.