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Friday, July 14, 2023

Whole Wheat Dosa Recipe | South Indian Break fast Recipes

 Wheat dosa is a healthy & crispy  dosa recipe, made with whole wheat, rice & urad dal. Wheat dosa is rich in Carbohydrates,Proteins & minerals.It is also rich in antioxidant, high in cholesterol.it Controls our blood sugar level. It also improves bowel movement.It also prevents weight Gain. It also improves heart health. 

Wheat Dosa 

 Prep Time :  7 hours 20  min. 
Cook Time : 2 - 3 minutes per dosa.
Recipe Category :Dosa varieties.
Recipe Cusine: South Indian.
yields : 10 - 11 dosa's.


Whole Wheat - 1 Cup.

Idli Rice - 1 Cup.

urad dal - 1/2 cup.


1. Soak Whole Wheat,Idli Rice & urad dal together with needed water for 5 to 6 hrs.

2.Then add needed salt & Grind it, in a mixie or blender into a smooth paste.

3.Ferment it for 7 - 8 hrs or over night.

4.Then start making dosa's.

5.Heat the tawa, when it is hot, add ladle full of batter,  spread the dosa, apply some oil.

6.if One side  cooked & turned crisp, flip the dosa.

7.When both sides are cooked removed from tawa & serve hot with any type of chutney.