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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

avarekalu dosa - Mochai Dosa - Surti papdi lilva Dosa

 Avarekalu Dosa is an  delicious Dosa recipe, using Avarebele(field beans). This Dosa is Made with Regular authentic Dosa batter  topped with Avarekalu Masala. This Dosa, is easy to make, if we have Normal Dosa Batter. Tawa Cooked Avarekalu is delectable.During Avarebele Mela Numerous Avarebele Recipes are Served. One Such Popular Recipe is Avarebele Dosa. 


                                                    Avarebele Dosa 
yields: 5 - 6 Dosas.
Recipe Cuisine:Karnataka.


Dosa batter - As Needed
Avarebele (Field Beans) - 2 Cups. (unpeeled).
Onion - 2.
Green Chillies - 4.
Ginger - 1 inch.
Coriander leaves - Handful.
Putnala Podi - to Sprinkle.( optional)

To Temper

Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp.
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp. 


1. Soak the Fresh  field beans  for 4 to 5 hrs in water.Then the skin of  Field beans will becomes soft.Then, drain the water, & hold the beans between your hands, & press gently as shown in the picture, outer skin will come out, leaving the inner seed. similarly remove the skin for all seeds.

2. Take Handful of chanadal+  2 Red chillies + 2  crushed Garlic, Grind it to a little coarse Powder, Now Putnala Podi is Ready.

3. Chop onions, Ginger(finely),Green chillies, Coriander leaves(finely).


1.Cook the avarebele with little water, in a vessel, till it is soft. I cooked in a pan, to retain its shape & colour.

2. Heat the oil, add mustard seeds.When it splutters, add cumin seeds. When it sizzles, add Ginger, saute for few minutes. Add Green chillies, saute till it turns slightly whitish.

3. Add onions,saute till it turns transparent, add cooked avarebele, saute for a minute, add needed salt, add finely chopped coriander leaves. Give a quick stir. Switch off the flame.Now Avarebele Masala is Ready.

Dosa Preparation

4. Heat the Tawa, when it is hot, Spread the dosa,(Not too thin), when we find little bubbles on surface of dosa, add Avareble Mixture on top of dosa, slightly press it with spachula.

5.  Then sprinkle Putnala Podi. Always cook in Medium low flame.Drizzle some oil.

6. When one side is cooked, flip the dosa Gently. Drizzle little oil. Cook in a Medium low flame, till Avarebele(field beans) turns Golden. 

7. Now Gently Remove from tawa & serve it with Chutney or have as such. 


1. Adding Putnala podi is optional. It enhances the flavour of  Dosa.
2. Instead of oil, you can drizzle Ghee.
3. Always use Fresh Avarebele for Good taste.