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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Instant Garlic Podi - Poondu Paruppu Podi - Instant Pappula Podi

Garlic Paruppu Podi is made with Garlic,red chillies, and roasted channa dal. It is an No cook Recipe, could be made in jiffy.This Paruppu podi Goes well with Idli,Dosa,hot rice,Paniyaram,adai,Upma and much more. When making dosa you could sprinkle on top of dosa to make "podi dosai".When you make poriyal/kura, instead of chilli powder, you could add this podi which gives additional taste to poriyal. Cut the cucumber into slices,spread this podi over each cucumber slices,and have it.This podi is a Good combination for ccucumber.So this Podi is a Multipurpose podi.  Garlic lowers Sugar level.Helps in digestion.Reduces weight. Raw Garlic is an excellent medicine to treat Gas trouble.Roasted chana dal is an outstanding source of manganese, folate, protein, dietary fibre, copper, phosphorous and iron.Now we learn to make this healthy instant podi.

Instant Poondu Paruppu Podi

                                Instant Poondu Paruppu Podi

Prep Time : 5 minutes. 
Cook Time : Nil .                  
Recipe Category:side dish
Recipe Cuisine:Indian
Yields: 1+ 1/4 cup.


Roasted Chana dal (Putnala Pappu) - 1 cup.
Garlic - 10.
Red chillies - 8.
Salt - as needed.



  • Grind Red chillies and salt in a mixie or blender to powder, then add Roasted chana dal(dalia) and grind it into a fine powder.

  • Finally add Garlic and grind it to a  fine Powder. Now instant Garlic Paruppu Podi is ready. Mix this podi with hot rice and dollop of Ghee to Enjoy!!.
  • Store it in a air tight container for a month.
  • Grind garlic at last,else podi will get lumps.
  • store it in a clean air tight container and use clean and dry spoons.
  • Instead of chilli powder you could add this podi for poriyal or kura, especially for karamani poriyal, it tastes yummy.
  • You can also sprinkle it on dosa for "Podi dosa". 


Shobha Kamath said...

Simple and easy - would surely like to try it.

Cathleen said...

Nice! Even I can do this :)

Unknown said...

Simple and easy. I try it now itself