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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich - Veg Cheese Sandwich on tawa

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich is an Easy Sandwich Recipe made with Vegetables,Cheese & Green Chutney. you can serve this Sandwich for Breakfast,brunch or as a Snack.At busy Mornings if you have less time to make Breakfast, you can Go for this Option. you can also pack for Lunch Box or Shorter Picnic Trips. if you have Green chutney in handy, it saves some more time.  My husband doesn't like any Bread Recipe, but he became a fan of it.I learnt this Recipe from my Neighbour Hasthalatha. Now i Wanted to share this  Recipe with you. 

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich

 Prep Time :  15   min. 
Cook Time : 10 minutes.
Recipe Category: Bread
Recipe Cusine:  World


Wheat Bread/White Bread - 8.
Green Chutney - 8 tsp.
butter - 8 tsp + toasting.
Mayonnaise - 8 tsp.
Onion - 1.
Tomato(small) - 1
Cucumber - 1/4.
Carrot - 1.
cheese slice - 4.


Prepare Green Chutney.
Grate the carrot.
Cut onion, tomato,cucumber into thin round slices.
  •  Take one bread, butter it,then Spread 1 tsp of Green Chutney & Mayonnaise.

  • Spread little Grated carrot.

  • Place one Onion,tomato & cucumber Slice.
  • Then place Cheese slice.

  • Take the second bread slice, butter it & spread the Green chutney.
  • Close the bread with second bread slice facing Green Chutney down.

  • Take a thick bottomed tawa or Griddle, spread some butter on the tawa & toast the Sandwich till the cheese Melts & it turns Golden on Both the sides.

  • Alternatively you can Preheat the sandwich Maker & Grill it until Golden.
  • Cut it diagonally & Enjoy with Tomato ketchup.

  • Adding Mayonnaise gives additional taste to Sandwich.
  • Instead of Cheese slice, you can add Grated Cheese.
  • I used wheat Bread, you can also use Multigrain bread or Brown bread. 
  • you can also add Grated Capsicum.


tastentips said...

Easy & delicious sandwich..............perfect for breakfast.

Herbs Spices and Tradition said...

Hi Gayathri, this looks tempting, with vegetables, cheese and chutney. I am drooling.