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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ragi Dryfruit Milk Shake - Ragi Milk Shake -Finger Millets Milkshake

Ragi Milkshake is a Healthy filling drink, which can be served as a quick & Nutritious Breakfast Recipe. Ragi  is loaded with calcium and vitamin D that makes it a vital component for increasing bone strength. Ragi also reduces the risk of Diabetes. Ragi is packed with fiber content & anti oxidant. Ragi is a perfect cereal for those seeking to lose weight and must be included in weight loss recipe. The high amount of fiber and low level of unsaturated fat makes it an ideal food for healthy people.Planned to start a New year with Healthy Recipe, so I am Posting this Healthy Drink.

Dry fruits Milk Shake

 Prep Time :  10   min. 
Cook Time : 10  minutes.
Recipe Category: Drinks.
Recipe Cusine :Indian
Serves: 2.


Ragi flour -  2 tbsp.
water - 1 Cup.
Cashews -6.
Almonds - 4.
Pista - 4.
Walnut - 1.
Sugar - As needed.
Fresh Cream - 2 tbsp (Optional)
Cold  Milk - 1 Cup 

  • Dry Roast Cashews,Almonds,Pista,Walnuts in a kadai, till it turns Golden brown colour & Grind into a Coarse Powder.Now dry fruits mixture is Ready.Keep it aside.

  • Take Ragi flour in a Pan, add in water & mix well, without any lumps.Now cook in a Medium flame, till it thickens. Allow it to cool down.

  • In a blender or mixie, add  Ragi Mass, Milk,Sugar &  Fresh cream.Beat till it turns  Smooth & frothy.
  • Add dry fruits mixture &  give a Give mix. Now Milk Shake is Ready to serve.


    • You can Make this Milk Shake using Sprouted Ragi flour also.
    • you can add  a tsp of Cocoa powder along with Ragi flour, to get chocolate flavour.
    • Adding Nuts mixture at last, give nice crunchiness to milk shake.
    • you can add a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream or Chocolate Ice cream in a blender & beat it to get nice creamy texture.
    • Instead of Sugar, you can use Cane Sugar also.



    Nava K said...

    Healthy and packs a punch.

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    Priya @asmallbite
    Healthy milkshake...

    Unknown said...

    This milkshake looks so delicious and healthy. Lovely share.

    Herbs Spices and Tradition said...

    This is a new and healthy recipe.

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    A different & healthy milk shake...........

    Hema said...

    Milk cream , ice cream can be avoided for those seeking diet.nice recipe