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Friday, June 17, 2016

Chakka varattiyathu - Jack fruit Halwa

Chakka Varatti is a Jack fruit preserve made from Ripe Jack fruit,Jaggery & little Ghee. "chakka" means Jackfruit & "varatti" means cook continuously until water content in it is Completely dried up.
One of our family friend gave two big jackfruit from their Garden.we distributed it,  a lot throughout the apartment. still we had some more pulps, so I planned to do jackfruit halwa.My Grandmother makes this halwa,often during Jackfruit season.I hope jackfruit season will be march to  july.When we went to karnataka trip at month of march, we got sweet ripe jackfruits everywhere.

Chakka Varatiyathu

 Prep Time : 10 min. 

Cook Time : 30  minutes.
Recipe Category: sweets
makes  :   2 cups . 
Recipe cuisine:kerala


Jackfruit - 3 cups. (I used 25 jackfruits)
Jaggery -  1 cup.
Ghee - 2 tbsp.


Remove the seeds & fleshly layer of jackfruit & chop the jackfruit into small pieces. (you get 3 cups from 25 jackfruits, quantity may vary according to size of jackfruit).

  • Pressure cook the jackfruit for 3 whistles with needed water,such that chopped jackfruit should immerse in water. (I used nearly 2 cups of water).

  • In  kadai, add jaggery with little water & heat till the jaggery melts & jaggery syrup becomes little thick.Then filter it to remove impurities.Now jaggery syrup is ready.
  • After the pressure subsides, open the lid & then transfer cooked jackfruit to kadai,let it cook for few minutes till the water in it is drained,then add jaggery syrup. Stir in medium low flame for few minutes till it is thick.

  • when it is almost thick add ghee little by little, stir continuously till it leaves the sides of kadai.It takes nearly 10 minutes to reach the stage of rolling ball consistency.

  • when it is not sticky to pan & reaches rolling ball consistency, switch off the stove.


  • Add little water to melt the jaggery. Melt it, till it is just thick.
  • Add Ghee after the halwa is almost thick.
  • once it becomes thick, stir continously till it leaves the sides of kadai.


Anonymous said...

I love jackfruit.. This looks so fantastic and delicious, I need it right now! Really creative and interesting recipe…. yum yum yum