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Friday, May 6, 2016

Easy Rava Dhokla Recipe - Gujarati Rava Dhokla - Gujarati Recipes

Dhokla is a Popular Gujarathi  Savoury Sponge cake, it can be Served as Breakfast or as a snack. Rava Dhokla is one type of  Dhokla Recipe made from Semolina or Sooji. Sooji is blended with Sour curd, with addition of eno salt to make dhokla's spongy  & toppings  with Sesame & cumin as 'Tadka', makes the dhokla divine. I came to know this recipe from my friend Visalakshi. In her home she often makes this as dinner. It is an easy & simple breakfast recipe, office Goers & professionals can try this at busy mornings. It can also be packed for kids lunch box Recipe.

Easy Rava Dhokla Recipe

 Prep Time : 10  min. 
Cook Time : 20 minutes.
Recipe Category: Gujarathi   Recipe


Rava/Sooji - 1 cup.
Sour Curd - 2 cups.
lemon - 1 tbsp.
Ginger - 1/2 inch.
Green chillies - 1.
Eno salt - 1 tsp.
turmeric - a Genereous Pinch
Carrot -1 (grated)[optional]
sugar - 1/2 tsp.
salt - as Needed.
Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp( Chopped)

To Temper

Mustard seeds - 1 tsp.
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp.
white Sesame seeds - 1 tsp.
hing - a Generous Pinch.
curry leaves - 1 sprig. (chopped)


  • Take the mixing bowl add Sooji, salt & 1.5  cups of curd, to make a thick batter, and let it sit aside for minimum 2 hrs. 
  • After 2 hours, add remaining half- cup of curd, to make the batter pouring Consistency. 
  • Grind Green chillies & Ginger to a Paste and add it to batter.
  • Grate the carrot & add it to batter.
  • Add Sugar, lemon juice to the batter & mix well.
  • Add Eno Salt & give a quick mix.

  • Now immediately transfer the batter to greased plate or tray & steam cook for 18 - 20 minutes.

  • Insert a knife or tooth pick to check if it is done. 
  • Allow it to cool for 5  minutes.
  • Mean while heat the oil, add mustard seeds when it splutters add cumin seeds when it sizzles add sesame seeds,curry leaves and hing. Fry for some seconds. Then add 2 tbsp of water over the tempering. 
  • Now Spread the tempering, evenly over the dhokla .

  • Run the knife  through the corners of the plate or vessel. 

  • Then cut the dhokla into desired shape & Garnish with coriander leaves over the dhokla pieces,while serving.

  • if you don't have eno salt, you can replace it with 1/2 tsp of baking soda.
  • i used carrot while making the batter, you could also add one handful of  cooked & slightly Mashed Green peas.
  • you can steam  cook the dhokla batter directly  in pressure cooker, without using pressure valve or you can add some water in a kadai,then place the plate , close the lid & cook for specified time.
  • Always the plate, only should be half filled with dhokla batter.


Sundari Nathan said...

Looks so yummy!! Perfectly made!!

Srividhya said...

Dhokla is in my to-do list. Love this rava dhokla and especially the addition of carrots.

priya said...

Awesome share... Being Gujarati, I am addicted to dhokla but you might be surprised that I never tried rava dhokla yet.. I am bookmarking this

Unknown said...

I can never get enough dhoklas, and I just love how you made it! So pretty and yummy too!


Anonymous said...

This is the exact same recipe which my mom prepares. Curd is one ingredient which is available in our house 365 days and to the make the best use of sour curd this recipe is followed and i can't express my love for dhokla in words as very much addicted to any type of dhokla preparation. Excellent share..