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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kayi Holige - Thengai Poli - Kobbari Obbattu

Kayi Holige is a  classic Holige  recipe made with sweet Coconut stuffing. This recipe is made during festive occasions like Sankranthi, Ugadi,Navaratri &Diwali.  Bread with freshly Grated Coconut & Jaggery Stuffing gives distinct taste. I am a Big  fan of this Poli.In Adayar Anand Bhavan, they make soft & delicious  Poli's. Whenever i Go to Adayar Anand Bhavan I order this Poli. Poli & Ugadi Goes hand to hand. As ugadi falls on April 08th, of this Month, I planned to post this popular boli Recipe.

Kaayi Holige

Kayi- Holige

 Prep Time : 20  minutes. 
 Cook Time :  30  minutes.                              
 Recipe Category: sweet Recipe
Yield  :   10.
Recipe Cuisine: Indian


To Make Outer Dough 

Maida  - 1 cup.
salt - as Needed.
Turmeric Powder - A Generous Pinch.
oil - 3 tbsp.
water .
Ghee - to smear.

For Stuffing

Coconut (Grated) - 2 cup.
Jaggery - 1 cup.
Cashews - 15 (optional)


To Make Outer Dough

Combine Maida,salt, turmeric powder, 2 tbsp of oil   together &  add water little by little,  to make a dough. finally add 1 tbsp of oil over the dough, cover it & let it sit aside for minimum  3 hours. Dough will loosen. Then after 3 hours, knead the dough again, to make smooth & pliable dough.

To Make Filling
  •  Grate the Coconut &  Jaggery, & keep it Ready.
  • Finely chop the cashews.
  • Take a kadai, add a tsp of Ghee, add Grated coconut & Powdered Jaggery. Mix well.Cook in a Low flame,Jaggery  melts & it gets incorporated with Coconut & becomes thick as shown in the Picture. It takes nearly  3 -4 minutes to combine.Finally add finely chopped Cashews & give a Quick Mix.Take a small quantity of filling & Roll it. you could able to make a ball. This will be the right consistency.  Now Coconut Filling is Ready.

  •  Make equal sized balls from the dough, as shown in the picture.
  • Grease the banana leaf or ziplock  cover with oil, place the balls, and pat it into small poori's, as shown in the picture.
  • Then place the filling - Purnam,  at the centre, then bring the edges to gether.

  •  Again Grease your fingers with oil, then spread into thin Poli's.cook  at low - medium flame, on both the sides, by drizzling a tsp of Ghee, till Golden spots appear.Repeat the Same Procedure for Remaining Dough.

  • When it is cooked on both the sides, remove it from the tawa.

Thengai Poli

  • More the time the dough sits aside, dough will be softer &  becomes like elastic.
  • Also, Do not compromise the quantity of oil, else dough won't be softer, so obviously poli's.
  • Making the dough thin or thick, depends upon your choice.
  • Adding the turmeric is optional.
  • Let the poornam be stiff, if watery, poornam will come out while making bobbatlu.
  • you can add pinch of cardomom powder atlast while making the  stuffing &  give a quick Mix.
  • you can smear the Ghee on the top of Bobbatlu for extra taste.

Kobbari Bobbatlu


Nava K said...

Coconut and cashew filling sounds amazing. This recipe is a keeper as a clever and different invention.

Anonymous said...

love kai abbatu..... I was planning to make this for ugadi.... good share... Happy Ugadi to you and your family

Srividhya said...

Happy Ugadi :-) Obbattu is delicious and kai obbattu is what we do too.. Great share. :-)

Unknown said...

Iam eager to try this...love this dear

Arvind Swamy said...

Do you have Rama navami recipes?