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Friday, July 26, 2013

Javvarisi Idli - saggubiyyam idli - Sago idli - sabbakki idli

 Sago grains are used to prepare this sago idli. Sago Grains gives softness to idli.I had a packet of Sago in my home. i donot know what to do with it. Normally we make Sago upma, but with nylon Sago. but not with this sago. I asked my grandmom,she enquired  her neighbour  and explained this idli's to me. it came out soft and smooth. so i wanted to share this idli Recipe with you.

     Sago  are a source of pure carbohydrate with very little protein, Vitamin C, calcium and minerals. Sago is a common ingredient used in Indian recipes. In gruel form, sago can function as a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks.

Idli Rice - 2 cup.
Sabudana/Sago  - 1  cup.
Urad dal - 1/2 cup.
salt - for taste.

Soak Idli Rice,sabudana,urad dal overnight or 5 to 6 hrs.(soak sabudana seperately , Rice and urad dal seperately )

  • Grind the soaked Idli rice,sabudana(javvarisi),urad dal and salt to gether.(The consistency should be like our normal Idli batter consistency).

  • Ferment the batter for  8 - 9  hrs or overnight.Then make normal idli's.
  • Pour the idli's over idli plate and steam cook it for  10 - 12   minutes. 
  • It serves very well with all types of chutneys, sambar and podi.


Kushigalu said...

This is something new to me..looks soft and yummy:)

Unknown said...

Is it big or small javarisi