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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ammini kozhukattai - Mini kudumulu - mani kozhukattai (With pictures) - undrallu Guggillu

Ammini kozhukkattai is  a vinayagar chaturthi recipe.it is called undrallu Guggillu in Andra Pradesh. This is prepared by using  kozhuttai(kudumulu) dough. After preparing modak(kadubu) if you have left over dough, you can prepare this. Begginers can try this initially, before making kozhukkatai(modak).once you start practicing  good dough you can make kozhukkatai quickly.This can be had as an evening snack or tiffin. It has low calories and it is easily digestable.I will teach you unique method of preparing the kozhukkatai dough.

Ammini kozhukattai -mani  kozhukattai

Basic Kozhukkatai(kudumulu) dough preparation


Rice flour - 1 cup.
salt - as required.
water - 1 cup.

This is the ingredients required for making dough.


  1. Take Heavy bottomed vessel, add 1 cup of water, when it starts boiling,keep the stove in sim mode, and  add 1 cup of rice flour and salt.Let it be in sim mode for 15 minutes.
  2. After 15 minutes switch off the stove and cover it with a lid as shown in the picture, when it cools down, transfer it into a  plate and knead well, to make a dough.(water is not required mostly while kneading, drizzle some oil on it finally, and knead well)Now basic kozhukkatai dough is ready.knead well, it should not have even smaller lumps.Let is sit aside for 30 minutes, (While  doing so, which gives softness to the dough.)
  • It is important to note that while kneading, if you feel water is required ,just sprinkle on  it.if you add more water to the dough, you won't get kozhukkatai(kudumulu).
  • In other methods of dough preparation there is a chances of  getting smaller lumps, while preparing dough, but in this method you won't get any lumps.
  • For 2 cups of rice flour let it be in sim mode for 20 - 25 min. When you increase the rice flour, timings for cooking the dough  should also be increased.
 Ammini kozhukattai - Mini kudumulu preparations


For seasoning
mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp.
urad dal - 1/2 tsp.
salt  - for taste.
curry leaves - 10.

To grind  
 green chilly - 1.
hing - 1/8 tsp.
turmeric - a generous pinch.
coconut grated - 1 + 1/2 tbsp.
Salt - as required. (add little salt,becoz dough may hav salt)

 Grind everything in a mixie or blender without adding water.


  •  After the dough sits for 30 minutes, grease some oil, over your hand and make small balls as shown in the picture.Apply some oil over idli plates, then place these balls, as shown then steam it for 15 minutes.

Heat the oil, add mustard when it splutters add  urad dal,curry leaves, when dal turns golden brown add 1 tbsp of water, then this  ground mixture, finally added steamed balls,mix well. Now ammini kozhukkatai is ready.

you can also have it as evening snack.

Ammini kozhukattai - Mini kudumulu - mani kozhukattai (With pictures) By , jul 22, 2013 Ammini kozhukkatai