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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kanchi Idli - Kanchipuram Idli - How to make Kachipuram Idly

Kanchipuram Idli is a traditional idli prepared at town of Kanchipuram in India.Kanchipuram  is a Variant of Normal idli, spiced with cumin seeds,pepper seeds and ginger, which gives extra flavour to idli. .Its seasoning gives excellent flavour to idli.This idli is prepared in deep cups instead of using normal idli stand.Kanchipuram idli goes very well with onion chutney.


Idli rice - 1 cup.
Raw rice - 1/2 cup.
urad dal - 1/2 cup.

For seasoning 

Ghee - 3 tbsp.
ginger - 1 inch.[grated]
cumin seeds - 1/2  tbsp.
pepper seeds - 1/2  tbsp.
cashews - 15. [ chop into small pieces]
curry leaves - 10.
oil - needed to grease on tumbler.


  • Soak raw rice and idli rice together for 5 hrs.
  • Soak urad dal just 1 hr before grinding.
  • crush cumin seeds and pepper seeds coarsely.

  • Grind soaked urad dal into a fine paste.
  • Grind soaked  raw rice and idli rice together  to a fine batter  by adding little water.
  • Then mix ground urad dal and rice. Allow it to ferment for  8 - 10 hrs
  • Take a kadai , add 3 tbsp of ghee when it is hot,add chopped ginger,crushed cumin and pepper seeds,  curry leaves, chopped cashews saute for few minutes, then pour it over idli batter.
  • Consistency of idli should be like our normal idli batter.

Idli preparation

Take a tumbler, grease with oil, Pour a batter into  a tumbler[tumbler should be half filled].
Take a idli vessel, pour 3-4 cups of water, place the tumblers in the idli bowl, [Normally we place 4 - 6 tumblers in it].
Allow it to steam for 20 minutes.leave it for 2 minutes, then use knife through, the sides to remove it. Then turn the tumbler upside down to remove the idli's from tumbler.
It goes very well with Onion Chutney.