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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rava Roast

                   I hope every one Likes Rava Dosa(rava roast).i have posted rava dosa with step by step pictures and tips.  I will teach the better way to prepare the Rava dosa.In this method you get a crispy Dosa's, as well as the cooking time of Dosa's will also be quick.Rather than mixing  flours for preparing rava dosa, if you prepare batter in this method, you get crispy dosa's and dosa also comes out very well. This batter preparation might be very helpful for beginners.


Raw Rice - 1 cup.
White Sooji - 1/2 cup.
salt - For taste.


Jeera - 1+ 1/2  tsp.
curry leaves - 15.
oil - To fry.
green chillies - 2 


Soak Raw Rice for 4 to 5  hrs or overnight.

  • Grind the Soaked Rice and salt with needed water into a fine batter.
  • To the batter add white sooji.stir well.
  • Let it sit aside  for half an hour to one hour.
  • Rava dosa preparation
  • Heat the oil add jeera, when it splutters add green chillies and curry leaves saute till green chillies turns pale , then add it  to the  batter.
  • Add some more  water to the batter and stir well (The batter should be like butter Milk consistency, as shown in the picture).So that you get crispy Dosa's.
  • While pouring dosa fill the outer corner of the tawa in a circular motion as shown in picture 2, then fill inner layer. If there is any gap remaining,  fill it with batter.drizzle some oil, when cooked on one side,flip the dosa, when both sides are cooked, remove it from tava. 


  • Fermentation is not necessary.
  • Before you pour the dosa, at the beginning, use the ladle and stir the batter from the bottom, if the batter is thick add some water according to consistency.
  • consistency should be like butter milk, so you get crispy dosa's.
  • it is better to stir the batter each time before you pour each dosa.
  • you can chop cashews into fine pieces and roast it in a ghee or oil then you can add it in a batter which gives additional taste to dosa.
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