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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Menthe dosa || Vendaya dosa || Methi Dosa

Menthe Dosa is a soft Spongy dosa Recipe with Mild bitter taste. Fenugreek is called Menthe in Tamil,vendayam in Telugu, Methi in Hindi. Fenugreek seeds has enormous health benefits.The seeds contain ample amount of dietary fiber.  It is considered as Super food.  It helps to control diabetes & Sugar levels.It also reduces cholesterol level. It also promotes Milk production.Helps in weight loss. it is Good to add fenugreek in our  regular diet. 

Menthe Dosa 

 Prep Time :  3 hours 20  min. 
Cook Time : 2 - 3 minutes per dosa.
Recipe Category :Dosa varieties.
Recipe Cusine: South Indian.
yields : 14 - 15 dosa's.


Idli Rice - 2  Cup.

Methi seeds - 1. 5 tbsp.

urad dal - 2 tbsp 

salt - as needed.


1. Soak Idli rice, Methi seeds & urad dal for minimum 4 hours.

2. Grind idli rice, methi seeds, urad dal  & salt into a smooth & fine batter, by adding  water little by little. you get fluffy batter. 

3. you can Grind in a Mixie or Grinder.

4. Consistency should be  little watery than idli batter consistency.

5. Allow it to ferment for 8 hours.

6. Then you can start making dosa. Heat the tawa, when it is hot, spread little oil over the tawa, add ladle of batter in the centre.slightly spread the dosa.Dosa should be little thick.

7. When it is little cooked, spread the oil. Cook in medium flame.Always cook it covered.

8. When it is Cooked & slightly  turned Golden at the edges, remove from tawa . it is not necessary to flip the dosa.


  • you get super soft & porous dosas.