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Monday, February 13, 2023

Carrot Halwa || Gajar Ka Halwa Carrot Halwa using Milk

Carrot Halwa is a Popular Indian dessert Recipe made with Carrots,Milk & Sugar. Red Carrots or Delhi Carrots tastes, So Good to make this Halwa. Naturally red Carrots will be So Sweet. We Get Red Carrots during Winter Period. So Normally we make this halwa only this time. We can make Carrot Halwa using Orange Carrots too. There are some variations in making Carrot Halwa. We can add Condensed milk or khoya to make this Halwa . In this method Grated Carrots are Cooked & simmered in  Milk , when  Grated carrots are cooked, sugar was added & sauted till carrots becomes dry. It is a time consuming process, but tastes delicious.

Carrot Halwa 

 Prep Time :  10  min. 
Cook Time : 40  minutes
Recipe Category :Popular Indian dessert
Recipe Cusine: Indian


Carrots (Red) - 4 long Carrots (500 kms).
Milk - 2 cups .
Sugar - 120 gms. (adjust according to taste)
Ghee - 3 tbsp.
Cashews - Few.
Almonds - 6 .


  • Chop the Almonds lengthwise.
  • Chop the Cashews.
  • Boil the milk & keep aside.
  • Wash the Carrots, remove the Skin of carrots & Grate the Carrots.


1. Take the thick bottomed kadai or wide pan, add a tbsp of  Ghee.

2. When Ghee is Melted, add chopped Cashews. 

3. Saute for few seconds, when it slightly turns Golden add chopped almonds. saute for few seconds, then remove  roasted almonds & cashews from the kadai & keep it aside.

4. Now one more tbsp of  Ghee, add Grated carrots & Saute for 5 to 7 minutes in a medium flame, till you get nice aroma from the Carrots. 

5. Then add boiled Milk, Cook in a medium  low flame. Mix the Carrots & milk together.

6. Stir now & then. but consistently keep checking, else halwa will stick at the bottom.

7. After few minutes, the  milk will begin to froth, then keep the flame to low.

8. Now Keep Stirring the halwa mixture often, Scraping the sides of kadai to remove the evaporated milk solids & add it to Cooking mixture. (it takes nearly 30 to 40 minutes to cook mixture in milk)

9. When the milk was almost absorbed, add Sugar.

10. Now the  mixture oozes water, stir in intervals till the mixture turns dry.

11. Now add a tbsp of Ghee, give a quick Mix.

12.  Cook till Halwa thickens. Now switch off the flame.

13. Finally Garnish with Roasted Cashews & almonds.

14. Serve the Halwa hot or chilled.


  • you can add Orange Carrots also, instead of Red Carrots.
  • you can add raisins also when you roast cashews.
  • you can also add cardamom powder  at last, if you like the flavor.
  • you can also top the carrot halwa  with vanilla ice cream , warm carrot halwa with chill melting vanilla ice cream tastes delicious.