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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Junnu Recipe - Instant Kharwas Recipe - Seem Paal Recipe (Cooker) - Colostrum Milk Pudding (2 Ingredients)

 Cow's first milk after delivering its baby is called Colostrum Milk. It is called Junnu in Telugu, Kharwas in Marathi, Seem Paal in Tamil, Ginnu in Kannada. This Colostrum Milk is rich in Nutrients & it boost the immune system. It also has high level of antibodies. Normally Sweet Pudding can be made with Colostrum Milk. After Giving birth , Cow gives Colostrum Milk for few days. First day Colostrum Milk will be thick. Second & third day Milk will be in diluted form. We Get this Milk rarely. Now we Get Junnu Milk in Powder form also. you can mix  this Powder with Milk & sugar to make as Pudding.Now we will see the Preparation of Pudding using  Colostrum Milk.


Junnu Paal

 Prep Time :  5   min. 
Cook Time : 20  minutes
Recipe Category :Healthy snacks
Recipe Cusine: Indian


Colostrum Milk(Junnu Paal)  - 2 Cups

Sugar - 1/2 Cup.


1. Take a Mixing bowl, add Milk & Sugar Mix well. Make sure that sugar dissolves Completely. Alternatively you can powder the Sugar & add to the Milk. 

2. Pour the Milk in tumblers alternatively u can pour in wide vessel also.


3. Take a Cooker add some water(2 - 3 cups), switch on the stove, when water starts boiling, place the tumblers gently one by one.

4. Close the Cooker & Steam Cook for 20 minutes. 

5. After 20 minutes, insert the knife & check, if knife comes clean, it is done .(Else cook for few more minutes till it done).   


1. Instead of sugar, you can add Jaggery also. Make Sure  Jaggery dissolves Completely in Milk before you cook.

2. Instead of Cooker , you can Cook in Idli steamer also.