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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Dates Peanuts Ladoo - No Cook Dates Laddu

 Dates Peanuts  Ladoo is a healthy snack Recipe for kids. It is made with Dates & Peanuts. if you need a healthy sweet Recipe without Sugar or jaggery, this ladoo is a Good Choice. It is a Guilt free Recipe.Dates are Rich in antioxidant,Good for bones, it also improves iron absorption. Peanuts are rich in proteins, fibers & many nutrients. It is a No Cook Recipe.  Now we will see the preparation of ladoo.

Dates Peanuts Ladoo

 Prep Time :  10  Minutes. 
Cook Time : Nil 
Recipe Category Kids Snacks.
Recipe Cusine  Indian.
yield: 8 ladoo's


Peanuts - 1 Cup.

Dates - 14 - 15.


Peel the skin of Peanuts.

Remove the seeds of dates.


1. Grind the Peanuts in a mixie into a little  Coarse Powder.


2. Add the dates along with it & Grind it,till it blends well.



         3. Take a Portion of it & hold balls.  



you can roll the dates in a dry Coconut or desiccated coconut for special appearence.