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Monday, January 18, 2021


Black Rice is also called Forbidden Rice, has amazing Health benefits. It is Rich in antioxidant,Protein,Iron,Vitamins & Minerals. When Rice is cooked it turns Deep Purple colour because of Presence of high amount of Antioxidant, anthocyanin it fights cancer,heart disease,Good for liver,  &  also helps in weight loss. Black Rice takes Longer time to digest & helps slow down absorption of sugar in the blood, so it keeps the sugar Constant. so it So Good for diabetes patients too. Black Rice is low in Calories, So people don't want to Give up Rice during Weight loss Journey. Now we will see the Preparation of Black Rice idli.


 Prep Time :  5 hours + overnight fermentation + 40 minutes.  
Cook Time :  12    minute
Recipe Category:Idli varieties 
Recipe Cusine Tamil Nadu


Idli Rice - 3 cups.

Black Rice(Kavuni Rice) - 1 Cup.

urad dal - 1 cup.

Methi seeds - 1 tsp.

Salt - as Needed.

    1.  Wash and soak urad dal & fenugreek seeds,one hour before grinding.

    2. Wash & Soak Black Rice & idli Rice together  for 8 hours or over Night.


1. Grind  urad dal and fenugreek seperately till it become soft and fluffy.Add water little by little, to get Smooth batter. Ground urad dal consistency should be thick and fluffy not watery & transfer it to a Container. Idli comes well only if urad dal batter is thick & fluffy.


2. Now  Soak  Rice(idli Rice + Black Rice) Seperately with Needed water, till it becomes a smooth & soft Paste.

3. Mix Ground urad dal and Ground idli rice to gether in a container along with salt. (i use hands to mix it).Mix it well ,from the bottom .Consistency of the batter should not be too thin or too thick. it should be moderate.if it is watery idli's will be flat or if it is too thick idli's will be hard. once you start preparing you get used to it.

4. After mixing  the batter pour it in a container, container should be half filled,because after fermentation quantity of the batter will get doubled.
5. Allow it to ferment for 7 to 8 hours or over night, depending upon the climatic conditions, if climate is chill more time is required to ferment.In such cases keep the container inside the oven it will get fermented quickly.

6. Once the batter is fermented,  add 1 or 2  tbsp of water and mix it well, to get the consistency as shown in the picture.Now idli batter is ready.


7. You can use idli steamer or pressure cooker or heavy bottomed kadai, to make idli's. Pour some water on idli steamer or pressure cooker, and keep it on the fire, in the Meantime Grease the  idli Plates with oil,  then spoon it with the batter.

8. Allow it to steam for 10 - 12 minutes.  (if using Cooker No need to Put weight. )

9. Insert a spoon to check, whether idli's are done. if it comes out as clean,idli's are cooked else cook for few more minutes.


1. To the Black idli dosa batter add 1/4 cup of water & bring it to pourable consistency. Heat the tawa, when it is hot, drizzle some water, when it sounds shh! sound tawa is ready for dosa preparation.

2. Take the ladle of batter & spread it in a circular motion as thin you can, then drizzle some oil, when it turns crisp at one side.

3.  Flip the dosa then cook on other side.Remove from tawa when both sides are cooked. Serve hot with dosa, chutney or Podi.


1.  Urad dal Consistency should be fluffy,it should not be watery.So add water little by little to grind the urad dal.This is very important step to prepare soft and fluffy  idli's.Even if rice consistency is watery, if u mix with urad dal batter, after fermentation, it becomes thick. 
2. If  Urad dal consistency is watery, you won't get idli's.but you can prepare dosa's and uttapam's.
3. While mixing urad dal and rice batter to gether, stir from the bottom of container . usually i use hands to mix the batter. 
it is not necessary to Grease idli plates with oil.