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Thursday, November 12, 2020


 Coconut Burfi is an Authentic &  Easy Burfi Recipe made with Freshly Grated Coconut & Sugar.it is made during Special occasions like diwali, navratri & New year. it is also made easily if Guest arrives.Elders & kids both like the Recipe.

Thengai Burfi

 Prep Time :  10  minutes. 
Cook Time : 10   minutes .
Recipe Category :Sweet
Recipe Cusine  Indian
yield: 12 Burfi's.


 Coconut - 1 Cup.

 Sugar - 3/4 Cup.

  Ghee - 1 tsp.


  Grate the Coconut, such that it should not have brown skin along. So i     Grated half of coconut shell. Then i used next  one to avoid brown skin    of   coconut.

  Grease the plate with Ghee & keep it Ready.


1. Pulse the Grated Coconut once, to get even shredding.

2. Heat the heavy bottomed pan, transfer Grated Coconut to Pan.

3. Add Sugar, Mix well.

4. keep stirring, till it thickens.

5. Continue stirring, till it leaves the pan. you also find  small whitish bubbles appearing on the coconut Mixture.

6. Now immediately spread the Coconut mixture on Greased plate.(Even if you delay a minute, Coconut mixture gets crumbled).

7. Level it. 

8. Cut  into desired shape, when it is lightly warm. 


  • Always use Fresh coconut for Good Result.
  • you can fry cashews in Ghee & add to coconut mixture.
  • you can also add pinch of cardamom Powder, if you like the flavour.
  • if you find whitish bubbles appearing, immediately pour the coconut mixture to Greased plate. Else it Gets crumbled. if so, add some water & again heat it up, till it leaves the sides of pan.