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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Khus Khus Halwa - Khas Khas Halwa - Poppy Seeds Halwa

Khus Khus Halwa is a Nutritious, Delicious & Rich Halwa Recipe, made with Poppy seeds, Sugar & Ghee. Ground Poppy seeds are simmered & cooked till thick, then Sugar & Ghee are added to enrich the taste. Flavour & texture of this Halwa is so Unique.Like other Halwa this Halwa is not Gooey. It has Granule Texture. I am a Big Fan of this Halwa. Poppy Seeds are natural Coolants,which reduces Body heat. Normally before &  after delivery we have this Halwa to make body cool.Also made during Special Occasions like Diwali,New year,Ugadi & birthdays. 

Khus Khus Halwa

 Prep Time :  5  min. 
Cook Time : 15 Minutes .
Recipe Category: sweet
Recipe Cusine  Indian
Serves: 6


Poppy Seeds -  3/4 Cup (100 gms)
Sugar - 3/4 Cup.
Ghee - 3 tbsp.
Water - as Needed.

  • Soak the Poppy seeds for 2 hours with needed water till immersing level. Strain & Rinse it once.
  • Then add it to Mixie or blender & Grind it into a  little coarse  Paste with little water.

  • Then transfer it to a heavy bottomed vessel, add one cup of water & give a Quick Mix.

  • Now switch on the stove, keep the flame to Medium low. 
  • Stir till it is thick. Add Sugar, keep cooking till the Sugar dissolves.
  • Finally add Ghee, stir till it is browned & Ghee starts to ooze. This is the Right Stage to switch off the stove.( I have added chopped almonds to decorate the Halwa)

  • Store it in a air tight Container.
  • you can fry cashews & Raisins in Ghee & add it to Halwa.
  • you can add a Pinch of nutmeg Powder at last  & cook for 2 minutes.