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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Garam Bhel - Garam Pori - Garam Borugulu (No Cook Recipe)

Garam bhel is an Easy healthy chaat Recipe,made in our homes,made with carrot,beetroot,onion mixture mixed with pori(Borugulu). It is a colourful nutritious chaat for kids.you can use this mixture as a stuffing inside bread as a sandwitch, also between two thattai as thattu vadai.we also use this Garam as side dish for curd Rice.

Garam Bhel

 Prep Time :  10   min.  
Cook Time : Nil
Recipe Category:Snacks
Recipe Cusine:  Vysyas.
Serves : 4.


Pori/Borugulu - 2 cups.
Beetroot - 1.
Carrot - 1.
Onion - 1.
Lemon - 1/2.
Green chilli - 2.
Coconut oil - As needed.


Grate Carrot & beetroot.
Chop the onion & chilli finely.


  • Mix Grated beetroot,carrot,chopped onion,Green chilli,salt together.Add lemon juice & give a  quick mix.Now Garam Mixture is Ready.

  • Take a Mixing bowl, add borugulu(pori), add needed coconut oil. Mix well.This step avoids Sogginess to Borugulu.

  • Then add Carrot beetroot mixture, give a quick mix. Serve immediately.

  • Add Borugulu(pori) according to your taste buds.
  • Adding lemon juice gives tanginess to bhel.
  • For spicy version instead of plain pori you can use Masala Pori  for this bhel.