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Friday, January 25, 2013

Rava Kesari- With Left over Gulab Jamun Sugar Syrup - Sooji Ka Halwa

If you have left over sugar Syrup after gulab jamun's are consumed.Don't Worry you could make Easy and tasty Quick dessert Recipe Rava kesari. This recipe i learnt from my Grand mother. 


sooji(semolina) - 1 cup.
Ghee -1/4 cup + 1 tsp.
cashews - 12.(broken)

left over Gulab Jamun sugar syrup - 1 cup.
water - 3 cup.
kesari powder - a generous pinch.


 Dry roast the rava, till you get nice aroma from it, and transfer the mixture to a plate.

  •  Take a thick bottomed kadai, add   cashews, saute till it turns golden colour then keep it aside.
  • In a same kadai add water and kesari powder, stir well.

  •  When water  starts boiling add Rava and stir well constantly.Take care no lumps are formed.It takes 3 - 4 minutes to cook on medium flame.

  • When  rava is almost  cooked, add sugar syrup, rava will get loosen.stir for a while till it is thick.It takes 4 - 5 minutes to thick.Then add ghee little by little till it leaves the sides of kadai.Finally Garnish with cashews.
  • Adjust sugar syrup according to your taste buds. if sugar syrup is less, you can add sugar, along with sugar syrup.
  • If you want deep color, add some more pinches of  kesari powder.
  • you can also Garnish with raisins .