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Monday, December 24, 2012

Tamil pongal Festival Recipes - Pongal festival recipes

Pongal   is a most popular harvest festival celebrated  in Tamil Nadu.It is the Thanks giving day celebration for Hindu dieties.This festival is considered as  Thanksgiving to Mother Nature for an abundance of crops, well being and prosperity. Four festivals are celebrated to gether. Bhogi is celebrated on jan 13th,surya pongal on jan 14th. Mattu pongal   on jan 15th and Kannum pongal   on jan 16th.
  • Bhogi is a day dedicated to Lord Indra,king of dieties and God of clouds and rains.House are cleaned and decorated with kolam,painted with rice flour.
  •  Surya pongal  is dedicated to sun God.
  • Maatu pongal is dedicated to cattle as cowherds and shep herds, paying thanks to cows and bull.
  • on Kaanum pongal  people travel to see other family members.people go for sight seeing,shopping,exchanging pleasantries with relatives and friends.
 The festivals is known as Khichri in UP, Sakat in Haryana and Punjab, Sukarat in MP, Bhogali Bihu in Assam and West Bengal, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Sankranti in Andhra and Karnataka and Uttarayan in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
          Pongal or Sankranthi comes on first day of Thai.Tamil saying goes on that "Thai piranthal Vali pirakkum".when Month of Thai comes there will be way of love,peace, harmony,prosperity,joyness and every one life. Let god showers all the prosperity to all our homes.

Recipes for pongal festival 


Anonymous said...

Hmmm that looks so yummy... pongal festival sounds to be a fun festival. i wish I could witness one celebration personally.